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Q-Tee 2
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Epoca II Stove
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Poleo II
Poleo II Stove
Q-Tee 2 Stove

Q-Tee 2 Cubic. Elegant minimalist. Functional. RAIS Q-Tee II is a smaller stove with a very large combustion chamber - which makes it a perfect efficient heat source for places with limited space. This stove is suitable for coal-firing, since the combustion chamber is reinforced and has extra air supply. It has a * Heat Output 8.0 KW, * Height - 883 mm, * Width - 582 mm, * Depth - 410 mm.

This new stove displays superior qualities, since 255 kg of hot stone accumulate the combustion heat and still are above 60 degrees next morning! To enable this the stove needs to be nice and hot at bedtime. This stove combines both convection and the principle of heat storage. It has a * Heat Output 6.0 KW, * Height - 393 mm, * Width - 295 mm, * Depth - 225 mm.

This woodburning truly combines striking elegance with strong functionality. Epoca is really capable of producing heat. With the wide combustion chamber, it can take in large pieces of firewood, and the impressive window makes it possible to really see the fire. It has a * Heat Output 8.0 KW, * Height - 1102 mm, * Width - 542 mm, * Depth - 390 mm.

With its user-friendly rounded organic shape RAIS Poleo displays a fine simplicity, which makes a good appearance in the home environment. The pleasant exterior is matched by a high heating efficiency: the combustion chamber of the stove can contain large pieces of firewood, and prolong the emission of heat. It has a * Heat Output 6.0 KW, * Height - 1097 mm, * Width - 548 mm, * Depth - 429 mm.