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Rina Soapstone
Q-Tee Wall-mounted
Q-Tee Wall-mounted Stove
Viva 120
Viva 120 Stove
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Rina Stove
Rina Soapstone Stove

Rina soapstone sets new standards for aesthetics and utility of a small oven. Good style. A total of 63 kg of Finnish natural stone gives sides and top a rustic gray-white character, marking a clear contrast to the black glass door. Good style. The many kilos of soapstone retain the heat even longer. It has a * Heat Output 6.0 KW, * Height - 981 mm, * Width - 454 mm, * Depth - 380 mm.

Q-Tee, wall-mounted, makes a different modern and elegant contribution to the decoration of your home. The dimensions represent a simplicity that allows for fitting in without taking too much space or attention. It provides new opportunities for the placement of a fireplace. It has a * Heat Output 6.0 KW, * Height - 570 mm, * Width - 435 mm, * Depth - 388 mm.

Circular stove, as simple and stylish as possible. Completely smooth surface and a large glass door. Viva is available with a swivel base, making it possible to turn the flame image in the direction you want. Can be placed in numerous ways. Also available with side glass. It has a * Heat Output 6.0 KW, * Height - 393 mm, * Width - 320 mm, * Depth - 225 mm.

This beautiful and functional, new stove has an elegant, rounded front, oblique sides and does not take a lot of space. Rina has a large glass door, and the fire looks stunning through the large window. Rina is ideal for the home, the holiday house or the cabin. It has a * Heat Output 6.0 KW, * Height - 900 mm, * Width - 461 mm, * Depth - 410 mm.