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Hazel:   Is a good but fast burning wood and produces best results when allowed to season.     Good

Holly:   Is a fast burning wood that produces good flame but poor heat output. Holly will burn green, but best dried for a minimum of a year.      POOR

Horse Chestnut: A good wood for burning in wood stoves but not for open fires as it does tend to spit a lot.  It does however produce a good flame and heat output. Good (for Stoves)

Laburnum:   A very smokey wood with a poor burn.       Very POOR – Do not use.

Laurel:  Burns with a good flame but only reasonable heat output. It needs to be well seasoned.           Medium

Maple:   Is a good burning wood that produces good flame and heat output.     Good

Oak:   Because of its density, oak produces a small flame and very slow burn, it is best when seasoned for a minimum of two years as it is a wood that requires time to season well.    Good

Pear:   Burns well with good heat output, however it does need to be seasoned well.     Good

Pine Species:   (Including Leylandii) Burns with a good flame, but the resin sap can cause deposits to form in the flue and can increase the risk of a chimney fire must be well seasoned.      Good (with caution) 

Plum:   A good burning wood that produces good heat output.      Good

Rhododendron: The older and thick stems can burn well.     Good

Sycamore:   Produces a good flame, but with only moderate heat output. Should only be used well-seasoned.     Medium

Thorn:   One of the best woods for burning. It produces a steady flame and very good heat output, and produces very little smoke.     Very Good

Walnut:   is a moderate to good burning wood.     Medium

Willow:   A poor fire wood that does not burn well even when seasoned.       POOR

Yew:   A good burning wood as it has a slow burn, and produces a very good heat output.    Very Good
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