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Which Wood Burns Best?

There are many wood types to choose from which have their own burning qualities and properties. Although there are references to burning green wood in this guide, we would stress that for the most efficient and effective burn only very dry wood should be used. We have listed below a brief but by no means comprehensive guide.

In addition there are of course the compressed reclaimed 'eco' type of logs and briquettes.  Theses tend to burn well and for a decent length of time because they are dense and very dry. However you should try to choose a product that does not break apart too easily.

Alder:  Produces poor heat output and it does not last well.   POOR

Apple:  A very good wood that burns slow and steady when dry, it has small flame size, and does not produce sparking or spitting.    Good 

Ash:  Reckoned by many to be one of best woods for burning. It produces a steady flame and good heat output. It can be burnt when green but like all woods, it burns best when dry.   Very Good

Beech:  Burns very much like ash, but does not burn well when green.   Very Good

Birch:  Produces good heat output but it does burn quickly. It can be burnt unseasoned, however the sap can cause deposits to form in the flue with prolonged use.     Good

Blackthorn: Has a slow burn, with good heat production.    Good

Cherry:  Is a slow to burn wood that produces a good heat output. Cherry needs to be seasoned well.    Good

Chestnut:  A poor burning wood that produces a small flame and poor heat output.    POOR

Elder:  A poor burning wood that produces a small flame and poor heat output.   POOR

Elm:   Is a wood that can follow several burn patterns because of high moisture content, it should be dried for two years for best results. Elm is slow to get going and it may be necessary to use a better burning wood to start it off. Splitting of logs should be done early.     Medium

Hawthorn:   Is a good traditional firewood that has a slow burn with good heat output.     Very Good